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MLK Lesson with Skitch: Our Big Words

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I love sharing about Martin Luther King’s life with my class. I think he had some of the best quotes and they are so relevant to the type of community I try to foster in my classroom. I always start by reading my favorite book Martin’s Big Words. I think this book is powerful because it starts with him as a child and the kids seem to relate well to that. This year I am going to have the class think of their own big words and create a picture using the Skitch app. Please note that the example above is a sample that I made, typically I post real world examples but this is a new idea and I wanted to share ahead of time. I plan to let the kids work in pairs and then work together to take pictures of each other. Then they will think of the big words they want on their picture and write those on a journal page. I will have them share their words with me and I will edit and adjust as needed so that we can read their words. Last they will create an image similar to the one above using Skitch. I am excited to see the finished pages and share them with their parents!  There is also a great video of the book below…

Safeshare Link for Martin’s Big Words

Here is an example we made as class to share on our blog.


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  1. This idea is fabulous! I am hoping to do something similar and have one class at one school collaborate with a class at another school for sharing. Awesome!

  2. kinderdude says:

    Thank you for sharing this PHENOMENAL idea! I can’t wait to try these inspired lessons in our kindergarten room. Rock on, #KinderBros!

  3. Matt – You’re the best!! We are doing this project next week – can’t wait! Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas!! @Giugg24

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