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More Apps for Letter ID and Letter Sounds

Here are a few new apps I have been using in my class. You can find other literacy app recommendations HERE and HERE.

Alien Buddies – 1.99 This app has a puzzles, dot-to-dot and matching. The matching is the section I use the most, mainly the letter and number matching. There is matching by sight and also matching by listening (bottom row of image below) The app also gives you the option of having the kids match lowercase to lowercase, uppercase to uppercase or lowercase to uppercase. Great features!


Montessori Letter Sounds (reg $2.99)– This app has four games that focus mainly on beginning sounds. I also like the tool section that allows the kids practice writing the letters in a notebook and in sand (bottom of the picture below)

AlphaTots $2.99– This app is fairly simple, basically what you see in the picture below… it tells the kids the letter name and letter sound. What I like is each letter has a fun and engaging activity to keep them wanting to play and try new letters.

 AlphaBooks HD $2.99– This app is actually a collection of books, one for each letter (X,Y and Z are combined into one book) Each book has about 6 examples of words that start with the letter and then a sentence using that word (so about 12 pages) My favorite part of the app is the words are highlighted as they are read, I wish every app included that important feature for emerging readers.

ABC PocketPhonics $2.99 As you can see below the students can work on different groups of letters including digraphs and blends. I like that after they practice writing the letters they make real words by listening to the sounds.

ABC Alphabet Phonics FREE The app displays 3-10 letters (adjust in settings) and then tells the kids to touch a certain letter. There is an option to show a hint and you can change between uppercase and lowercase letters.

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