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More Fun With Perler Beads

Last year I used perler beads for the first time in my class (see here) This year I decided to start by using them as @Happycampergirl had mentioned in the comments of my last perler beads post. I simply put out the beads and several of the boards. I had boards with pre-defined shapes and a few square boards. I only put out the pre-defined shape boards because I didn’t have many plain square ones. I have ordered more of the plain square boards and when they come in I will get rid of the pre-defined shapes. As Amy said, it is hard to make anything but a car with a car shaped board. Not very creative.

A few things I loved about the center…

– Fine motor, the beads are small and it takes skill to put the beads in place. Try it yourself

– Patterns, naturally when kids are given a lot of colors they tend to explore patterns

– Sensory, I was surprised how many kids spen a significant amount of time just running their hands through the beads in the bucket

– Creativity, with the square boards there are no expectations and that promotes creativiy

– Stamina, finishing a board is not a quick task. It takes continues effort and focus

– Clean up, the beads do tend to find the floor but this leads to much more fine motor practice for all


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  1. Deborah says:

    Hi Matt, where do you get the square frames?

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