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More Number Explorations


The last few weeks we have been using the Educreations app during large group to explore decomposing numbers (see here.) This week the kids are using the app in centers independently. The first part of the activity is to roll three dice to find out what number they will be using for the activity. In the picture above you can see the three dice right above the iPad. I let the group figure out together the total of the three dice, this group used bear counters but each group has decided their own tool (number line, 100 chart, fingers, and even the app itself.) Once they all agree on the total of the three dice they work independently to come up with ways to show the number. Once they have an idea they then have to present that idea to their group before documenting it on the app. There are two examples below, you can see that one is much more “polished” than the other but clearly both groups were doing well with the concept. I always have to remind myself that the goal in these activities is the process not the product. As long as they can explain their work and are happy with the results then I know it has been a success!

When the kids were finished we simply took a screenshot. I know there are other whiteboard apps that would work great for this activity but my class is very familiar with Educreations so I tend to stick with that when possible.

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4 Responses to More Number Explorations

  1. Kristin says:

    Thanks for sharing–looks like the kids were very engaged. Do you ever use screen chomp? I just found your blog the other day and have already gleaned so many fantastic resources. Thanks!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      I have Screen Chomp and it would work great for this activity. I have always just like the simplicity of Educreations more. Since I use that app the most my kids know it best and I stick with it. Probably should use different apps more often. Thanks for the kind words and the comment!

  2. davidfifevp says:

    Thanks for sharing Matt. I’m wondering how long it has taken your students to get to the point where they can independently use the iPad for an activity like this. Thanks!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      We did this activity in whole group with the iPad displayed on the projector about four times. That seemed to be enough for them to get the process. They are working in a group of 4 kids so between them they are able to do it all. You would be surprised how fast they can pick things up and figure them out.

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