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More Sticker Stories

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“The zebra was in the monkey’s cage. The tree was calling where are you”

Sticker stories continue to be a big hit in my class. We have had this as a writing activity during literacy centers every week since right before Thanksgiving. (read more here) I continue to be excited by the writing and creative thinking I see in this center. Each week I put new stickers in the center and give the kids the expectations on how many stickers they can use (typically is two or three stickers.) I get the stickers from Michaels and the book of stickers only cost $1. I stop by the store every few weeks and load up on the new sets they offer, usually centered around holidays or seasons.

I think the biggest struggle for kids when writing is thinking of where to start and that is where I think this center helps so much. It gives them one little piece of the story to begin creating. Drawing ability is another concern for many of my kids and I think the stickers make them feel like great illustrators and gives them the confidence to complete the scene.

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