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My Class Facebook: Screen shots

Here are some screen shots showing how I used FB in the class this year. I posted a lot of pictures and videos but most of the examples below are other content for security reasons

We raised a caterpillar/butterfly and documented his growth and changes on FB. 


When the kids presented their animal project I videoed each of them and then posted the complete video on FB. Parents were able to see their child’s presentation this way.
I like this example because it was one of the many times a parent posted something that extended or enriched our learning. See the first comment.
Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.53.53 PM
We did quite a few graphs using parent data. The kids loved this!

I learned so much about the kids and their families through the comments. Even simple questions like this helped build the school/home relationship as well as the class community

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.56.36 PM

3 Responses to My Class Facebook: Screen shots

  1. Nikkie Zanevsky (@pkto3progress) says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these! What great interaction. It makes it so much sadder that you were forced to drop this communication medium. I hope your post about the situation (together with this page and the page of parent feedback) will incite action… if not in your district, then in other districts. The status quo can’t last forever

  2. mganhdi says:

    Dear Matthew,I enjoyed your idea and it looks like a very inventive manner in which to keep all of your parents up to date. I bet you have a lot of new ideas and ways to do the same because there are so many free programs that have similar applications, but it is too bad that you can’t continue with your work. I want to do something very similar with my class and have grade 3/4s which are learning to be more self sufficient. They may be able to most of the work themselves, but it will take some time before they get to the point where they are updating pictures and information…Good luck with your next project and hopefully your administration supports you better next time…which can be an Alien thought???

  3. Hi Matt!
    I love how you executed this idea. I had a twitter account this year and was hoping for similar results, but just couldn’t get all of the parents to follow us. I think many more parents will be comfortable with this idea. What a great way to share learning!

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