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My Favorite Pics of 2011

I sold all my professional camera equipment at the end of last year and thus all the pictures this year were taken with the iPhone. The pictures might not be the same quality but the memories are just a special.

In no particular order…

#1 Sleepover at the Dallas Zoo

As usual we made many trips to the @DallasZoo this year. My favorite was an overnight stay on Father’s Day with my two oldest boys. They did a great job with the event and we got to see many things we had never seen before as part of the stay. The best part (other than precious time with my boys) was waking up the sounds of lions and elephants on the Savannah.


#2 #EdcampPlano

I still can’t exactly remember how it happened but somehow @Matthew_Arend, @skimbriel, @HamiltonKelly and I decided we would host an #edcamp! It was such a great experience for me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in such a great event. The relationship and friendships I made at #edcampPlano have been a big part of my growth as an educator this year.


#3 Visiting my Sister in DC

My visit to DC this year was wonderful. I got to spend some quality time with my sister, see her new place, and explore the city. The National Mall was more than I ever expected! This picture stands out to me because I can’t get over the quality of pictures an iPhone can take and more importantly because it reminds me of sitting under the Washington memorial watching my sister play Kickball (yes, kickball). Each weeknight many sports are played all around the monument and that was something I never expected. What a special city and wonderful country we live in. Thanks Amber for the great memories!


#4 The Clan

We moved this year to a dream house in the perfect location near the school where I teach and my boys attend school. This was a goal we have been working towards for many years and it has been such a blessing in our life. One of the best parts was moving close (6 houses away) to our good friends the Ames. They have 4 kids close in age to our 3 boys and this summer it seemed they were always together. We started referring to our families as “the clan” and it has stuck. We are lucky to have such great friends so close.


#5 Aggieland

Each year we take a trip to college station with the Waters family to watch the first home football game at Texas A&M. It is always a fun time and this year was no exception. Good food, good friends, the Aggie Band, watching the Aggies win and listening to your kids decide which dorm they want to live in make it a priceless vacation! #Gigem


#6 The Pool

One of the things I didn’t want when buying a house was a pool. I didn’t even want to look at houses with pools. Somehow we ended up finding the perfect house…. and it had a pool. I can say without hesitation I was wrong. The pool has been amazing and  since Dallas broke the record for most days of 100+ temperature days this summer (70 days) it was well used.


#7 Chewbacca

Not much explanation needed. Star Wars is big in our family! This picture does remind me how special it is to teach at the same school my kids attend. I get to be involved in ways I might easily miss if I had a different job.


#8 State Fair of Texas

The past three years my second job as a photographer has prevented us from making it to the fair. Now that I have stopped the photography we were able to make it this year. I have such great memories of the food… I mean the fair that I was excited to make it back again. The weather was perfect and we even rode the 212 ft tall ferris wheel “The Texas Star” for the first time as a family. The picture above is my oldest son Aidan dancing with Mexican dancers during one of the shows.


#9 Brothers

Often the three boys are fighting but not at this particular moment. Bram was reading his library book “Goodnight Goon” to his little brother early one morning and the conversation they had about monsters was precious.


#10 Baby Mason

This year my Sister-in-Law had her first baby. My boys were beyond excited and love every minute they get spend with their new cousin. I hope at some point they stop referring to him as “baby Mason.” Maybe when the next cousin comes along…


#11 #Kinderchat

This year I attended the NAEYC annual conference. The highlight was meeting some of my great #kinderchat friends @happycampergirl, @Mr_Fines, & @hechternacht (pictured) as well @kassiaowedekind & @bluskyz! Disney world, s’mores, campfires, Vivian Paley and much laughing were all highlights of the trip.


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  1. WildHairMedia says:

    Glad to be part of your highlights. You guys are definitely part of ours.

  2. Stacy Kimbriel says:

    I have to agree with Mr. Ames! I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and I look forward to 2012 to see what that brings for you professionally and personally.

  3. Barbara Landingin says:

    I cannot see any of the images on this page. It says that they have been deleted or moved.

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