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My Favorite Tech Tool


My favorite technology tool in the class is the digital camera. My kids have access to it all day. They are allowed to get it anytime to take pictures of things they want to document or share. We review the pictures at the end of each day and I send home a few for the parents to see as part of the “what we did today” email.

A few things I love about the digital camera (when kids are given control)…

– it is a way for the students to share learning (gives them a voice)

– we get to see things from their perspective

– it is a review of their learning

they are practicing how to capture a thought with an image

the students learn how to use a camera

I know there are many more reasons, what would you add?


9 Responses to My Favorite Tech Tool

  1. benjamin sheridan says:

    I have to agree… only my kids use the camera on our class iPads or iPods. The camera is probably the app we use most. They love sharing what they create each day. Sometimes they will bring me a picture or video and ask to share it on our class blog or tweet it out to our friends. It’s definitely a way for them to collect and provide evidence of their learning as well as a way for them to build a digital portfolio.

  2. Matthew Gomez says:

    Great comments Ben. Thank you for sharing. Glad you brought up the digital portfolio aspect.

  3. MrsUngerKinders says:

    For sure! We’ve done a lot with digital cameras, too. Colours, shapes, numbers, seasons, patterns, centers, and My Five Senses. Great first tool for young learners. I recommend a neck strap (people put keys on them) and I attach that to the camera so it won’t get dropped. Nice post.

  4. Tasha Cowdy says:

    I love this post and I absolutely agree! The camera on our iTouch is the most used tech tool in our class. It’s so EMPOWERING! As you say, it gives the children a voice, (literally, when used with fotobable!). I love your point about us seeing things from the children’s perspective. Like Ben’s children, my children often want to tweet or post a photograph to their wider learning community. I have found that photographs are a powerful way of involving parents in their children’s learning.

  5. bluskyz says:

    I agree. Thanks to your sharing at NAEYC, I taught the kids how to use our digital camera. I’ve always been a photo snapping fool – but I haven’t put the camera out there for kids to use. I’ve been doing this since November and it’s wonderful! We love looking at the photos from the day during our end of day meeting and deciding which ones to print or post on our blog or hall journal. They are documenting the daily growth of a bulb we planted, taking pictures of shapes in our room for a class shape poster, snapping pictures of favorite books, documenting block projects, capturing magnet discoveries – and probably a ton more things too. Cameras are fabulous! I’m excited to get our class iPads and start to do more with editing and video. Thanks for sharing and for encouraging me to share the camera!

  6. Matthew Gomez says:

    So great hearing how other classes are using digital cameras in their classroom. Thank you all for sharing. I really like the idea of a neck strap. Will be adding that to ours soon! @bluskz video and video editing will be my next adventure. Look forward to hearing what you do with it!

  7. If you love your digital camera on your mobile devices then you should install #Skitch is an add-on to Evernote that let’s you take a picture and add notes, then stores in your #evernote notebook. You can create awesome digital portfolios for your students that can be shared with other educators, providers and parents.

  8. Maria says:

    Do you know of this use in HS? I am a Foreign language teacher and I have 5 classes during the day. I am wondering how can I work this out in my classes and not have stolen camera and not appropriate pictures taken. Some of my students have mobile devices they can use but still.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      I don’t have experience in the HS classroom. I suggest to use a cheap camera they wouldn’t want to steal. The appropriate pictures issue would be something I address day and hopefully would not be an issue. The best part is you have evidence if it happens and can address it. Make sure to preview images prior to showing them to the class.

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