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New Math Apps

The post on apps I use in Kindergarten has been popular so I thought I would share the apps I have found over the summer that I am excited to use with my class this upcoming year…

First the Math apps..

Bugs and Buttons– This app is one of my favorite finds this summer. It is much more than math but does include patterns, counting, sorting, tic-tac-toe, connect the dots etc. This app is a great way to let young kids first use an ipad as there are games that teach pinching and other fine motor skills.

Motion Math Zoom


Marble Math Jr.

Numberline Frog

Number Line Squeeze

 Bonus app: Too Loud Pro- not math at all but a great visual way to show kids noise level. I am not a fan of quiet rooms but WE ALL DISLIKE THE YELLING

Please share any great math apps I have missed!




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  1. Here are a few iPad math apps that I use with primary students: Splash Math, MathBlaster Hyperblast, Math Ninja.

  2. Kate says:

    Summer Review Splash Math appp

  3. Makisha says:

    Todo Math- Great for K!

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