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“New” Skitch App 101 Video


Skitch has updated their app since my original Skitch 101 video an updated video is below for the new version.

Find the original video here.

Examples of the coloring sheet activity can be found here.

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  1. Hi Matt, this looks like an engaging way for young children to learn to use technology. As someone who loves the feel of drawing with a crayon, I wonder if you could make a comparison between the media in what and how the children are learning. I have an open mind towards using iPads in early childhood classrooms and want to learn how it benefits the children.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Great question Peggy! The kids don’t color with the iPad for this project. I print the labeled picture and they color with crayons. The benefit is exactly what you mention, it is an engaging lesson. My purpose in the lesson is that they practice phonics skills. Kids still need traditional centers and the phonics part of the learning could be easily done with only pencil and paper. However the benefits of using the iPad are: it is a collaborative center, writing/fine motor skills don’t hinder kids ability, finished product can be shared digitally, novelty, some typing skills, and practice with technology. If you want more info on what I see as the benefit of technology look here

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