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No More Glue Problems


As many of my readers already know I am a big supporter and proud member of a twitter group called #kinderchat. If you don’t know check out the blog HERE One of the MANY things we have discussed that has made a significant impact in my classroom was about glue. Yes glue! I tweeted one day about being tired of fixing, unclogging, and opening glue bottles. I PLEADED for someone to offer an idea to help with the issue. Enter my glue savior, the Goddess of Glue @HappyCamperGirl . She mentioned that she used glue pots and glue spreaders in her room and I immediately ordered some for my class.

This simple change has fixed ALL the issues I had with glue in my class. I ordered these glue spreaders and these paint cups and glue happiness entered my room.

Here is why I like them…

– The glue in the pots has never dried out

– The students are completely independent with them

– It is easier for them to “paint” on the glue than squeeze a bottle

– The glue spreaders clean themselves. The students put them in our “cleaning cup” when done using and the glue dissolves in the water by itself. Then a helper dries them and puts them back in the centers the next morning. The cleaning cup is an old oversized coffee cup.

– The glue pots do tend to get messy but the lid keeps everything looking tidy. I have only needed to clean the pots once so far this year and all I needed to do is let them soak in water overnight.

– It is cheaper to buy the glue in bulk

– Did I mention the kids never need my help with the glue anymore?


11 Responses to No More Glue Problems

  1. bluskyz says:

    O. M. G. !!!! How did I miss this?!?! I am ordering them right now. Wet glue could quite possibly be the end of me one day. HATE IT! This looks absolutely fabulous. Thank you!

  2. Matthew Gomez says:

    Same felling I had before the glue pots! If you love them let me know, if not blame @happycampergirl ;)

  3. Laure Dotterweich says:

    Any other ideas for glue spreaders? I hate to order just those and pay $5-$8 in shipping for a $5-$7 item. Is there a recyclable I could use in place of these for now?

  4. Havalah says:

    I have used these for the past 2 years. The upside of what Matt uses is that the glue can tip and no spills but we’re pretty lucky, since they’re small, nothing too catastrophic and truth be told, I like dried glue ;) There is also a challenge in getting glue from bottom (brush doesn’t go all the way down/tilt well) but we use popsicle sticks then- Could that be the inexpensive option to the spreaders?

  5. kindergeek says:

    Why don’t you use glue sticks? We never use liquid glue. I’m thinking there must be some reason you avoid glue sticks. Genuinely curious!

  6. Sandy says:

    Another idea going around this week was sponges cut to fit small bowls and add the glue. The kids touch the paper to the sponge. A lot less mess. I haven’t seen the glue pots before. I will look for those too

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Thanks Sandy. I know some people love the sponge but I am not a big fan of it. I want the kids to have access to more glue when needed and to learn how to actually use the glue. I don’t think the sponge does that. Whatever works for you is best! :)

  7. Loretta says:

    Where can I find these? Looked at School Specialty, Nasco and Amazon.

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