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Number of the Day

Number of the day is one of the few activities I do every day during calendar time or morning message. I have moved away from a specific set of activities I cover. Some days we focus on the calendar, how many kids are present or the days of the week but most mornings it is just the number of the day and then we move on to Wonderopolis. If you are not familiar with Wonderopolis read more about it here.  Number of the day is pretty simple. I use a large 20-sided dice to choose the number and then write that number on the board. The kids figure out different ways to show that number. Another option is to use a number generator app like this one.

I think it is very important that I do not introduce new ideas to the class for this activity. Ever concept is kid generated. The first few days all we write is the number until one kid figures out another way to show the number. Usually it is draw a picture or write the word that they think of first. As we learn new math concepts in the room it is fun to watch them bring those to this activity. Tally marks, counting, adding, subtracting, and grouping are all part of their databank of ideas by the end of the year. Another great aspect of this activity is it meets all levels of ability. My lower kids can contribute easily and my kids that are stronger in math are always challenging themselves to us larger numbers or to think of unique ideas.

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  1. kellyscott98 says:

    I really love that idea Matt. I’ve been thinking I haven’t been doing a very good job with numbers with my gang and this adds some great ideas. Where would I find a 20 sided dice?

  2. Laure Dotterweich says: has all kinds of dice from 6 sided to 30 sided, dots or numbers, literacy ones with letters, etc. and the prices are good. I don’t know about shipping costs. I didn’t check that.

  3. Mrs. N says:

    When you use Wonderopolis, do you read the text, have the audio version of the text, watch the clip? What do you do with the question of the day? Thanks.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Mrs. N,
      We wonder about the question on Wonderopolis first. Most days we watch the video second. Then we talk about what we observed or learned. Some days we wonder more and watch the video a second time. Then I read the important facts to them from the site ( I summarize for my K kids)

  4. Isn’t it always the simple ideas that work so beautifully. We do this as well and the kids seem to connect so well. The other day we did dominoes on Wonderopolis because I was supposed to introduce dominoes in our math program. Some of the kids were jumping up and down over the dominoes video. I’ve never had such a successful manipulative intro!

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