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Our Mission in Kindergarten: Video with Educreations


As I have mentioned before, Educreations is a wonderful app (and web based tool) for creating videos that we are able to share with our parents and other classes. This week my class created their Kindergarten Mission using the app. After we decided on our mission statements I found images that worked for each one and then I recorded the kids saying the mission. The best part about Educreations is how easy the app makes it to share the finished product (you do need a free account to save and share.) The first option is to simply share the link to the video. This is easy to do within the app itself (see image at bottom of post) or from your Educreations account. The second option is to embed the video directly on your class website or blog, which is what I prefer to do. To embed the video you need to view the final product online (image above) and find the “embed on web” button to get the code. Then post this code into your blog or website.


Sharing options from the app

6 Responses to Our Mission in Kindergarten: Video with Educreations

  1. Jeanne Anderson (@JeanneAnderson1) says:

    Our Mission in Kindergarten? How about Our Mission in Life? Love this, Matt, and thanks for the clear directions for sharing the videos.

  2. dhasty01 says:

    Thanks for the cool app I plan to try out. What do you think about older students using this?

  3. @dhasty01 Educreations seems appropriate for any age IMHO…older students create complex demos etc.

  4. Hello Matt, This is Savannah from EDM310 again! I don’t know if you remember from my other comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finished the post that I featured your blog in! You can check it out here if you’d like! Thanks for sharing this app, and how easy & convenient it is to use. I think this was a great project to give your students the opportunity to think about what their classroom mission statement really means. My favorite part was “be brave.” This was also a great way to incorporate technology into a project for younger students! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Puppet Edu works very well for this too. It’s free and you don’t need an account.

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