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Pattern Block Writing

We started this week with training about writing that was focused on the new STAAR assessment that starts this year in Texas. Although I don’t like assessments there were some things I did take away from the training

-I was reminded how important it is to model good writing and the thinking behind writing (metacognition)

-Like any subject we need to teach the kids the correct terminology from the beginning

-Writing improves reading and reading improves writing 

-A risk free environment is crucial

AND above all

– Authentic writing is powerful

I immediately changed one of my centers after reflecting on the training. My kids have been very interested in using pattern blocks the last few weeks to create designs and I was wanting a way for them to “keep” those creations to share with friends and family. The idea I came up with was pattern block writing. 

1. – Create a design that you want to tell a story about

2 – Take a picture of that design. I let the kids take the picture with my phone and then I emailed it to myself 

3- Print the picture and glue onto the journal

4- Write a story about the picture. We have learned a lot about abstract art (HERE) so I reminded the students they could make a realistic or abstract picture. Writing about the picture was the only requirement and the options could be – tell a story, describe the picture, explain how the picture makes you feel

I am already excited about the results. Here are a few examples

I love that this friend asked a question… 

she is describing her abstract design… 

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  1. Jon Fines says:

    Nice work Matt! Love the authenticity of the center. You’re right on! and have a good thing going.

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