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Pattern Robots

We are learning about and practicing making all kinds of patterns (or patterens as the kids always say). This is a project I came up with a few years ago and has always been a big hit in the room. I love the project because it requires the kids to have knowledge of patterns and planning skills while promoting creativity. We use Snap Cubes but I’m sure there are many other blocks that would work (including Lego)

This is a great project to repeat as the kids learn more about patterns. They get more and more creative with the robots each time. Giving kids a certain pattern to create (such as ABCABC, ABBADD) is a good way to differentiate. Another option is to have kids create something different that robots like pattern people, pattern animals or pattern plants. Hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine do!

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  1. Great idea! I’m totally trying this. Thanks!

  2. carole says:

    So that’s what you were doing with all those blocks…love it!! Are you sure we teach in the same school? So glad we do and that I get to learn so much from you!!

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