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PBS Kids Math Games Symbaloo Webmix

PBS Math Games   Symbaloo

I created a new Symbaloo webmix for the Kinderchat page. This mix is full of math games from the PBS kids website!

4 Responses to PBS Kids Math Games Symbaloo Webmix

  1. poulingail says:

    I am finding a number of shared webmixes have dead links. Since we don’t own the webmix, we can’t clean them up. How have you been navigating this issue?

  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Matt, met you at Tech for Tots. what a gift you are to Kindergarten teachers and to Tech Ed.
    How do I put your Symbaloo webmixes into my Symbaloo account? Gratefully, KTeacherToo!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Thank you so much! First you need to log into your Symbaloo account. Then in the same web browser do a google search for Kinderchat Symbaloo. Click the link and open the webmix you want to add from the kinderchat Symbaloo. When you open it you will see an “add this webmix” icon and by clicking that you add it to your account.

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