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Popplet App- Graphic Organizer and More

I have fallen in love with a great app called Popplet. At $4.99 it is on the expensive side for apps but I have found it to be well worth the cost so far. The first and obvious use for this app is to create word webs. That is exactly how I have been using it so far. As a shared writing activity we will create a word web like the one above. We created this word web before making out Texas Symbols book.

I think the app is very kid friendly and what has me the most excited is working towards letting the kids use the app independently. I plan to create several more word webs as a class and then let the kids at it.

Here are a few ideas I have for the app (more pics of the app below)…

– Beg sound or ending sound sorting

– Sorting pictures ( like transportation or foods)

– Creating their own word web about a topic (such as Thanksgiving)

– Decomposing Numbers (list ways to make 6 )

– Story planning, use before creating a story on other apps

Managing the pictures the kids will use is one are I had to think about for this activity. At this point I don’t let my class search for their own images with the iPad so I needed a way for them to have access to images. What I came up with is creating a folder on the iPad that they will use. For example, if I was going to do a begging sound popplet activity on the letter “T” I would find about 10 images of words that start with Tt and several that did not. I would add those images to a folder on my iPad sync. Here is how that looks..

I have a folder that I place all my synced images for my iPad and it is called “iPad sync” Inside that folder every sub folder will be a new album on your iPad. So you can see I have four folders and thus four albums on my iPad.

Here are the albums on my iPad. All you need to do is create a folder for the activity that your kids will be able to find easily such as Literacy, Beginning Sounds, ABC123, etc. Whatever works for your class. They can be updated, changed or modified easily by just changing things in your synced iTunes folder

Another great benefit of managing the images this way is you can select what folders are visible at anytime by checking “selected folders” instead of “all folders” (see below) So if you want to save folders to use next year or again later in the year they can remain hidden in your synced folder until you want to share them again.

Using the app is very simple. When you click on a box you get the options below as show on the Texas flag box. If you click the white dots around the box a new ox will appear connected to the original box. You can add text, images or even draw inside each box with the tools show below the flag. Once you are done creating a new box it can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Also, you can see the options for saving or sharing at the top right of the image below.


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  1. Truly inspirational article for kinder teachers, Matt. We have just highlighted it in our latest Popplet blog post on English lesson plans for teachers: Congratulations!

  2. I just sent this post to our entire Kinder team because we just had a training on Popplet yesterday! Great post and you are in my Google Reader now I see them all! Thank you Matt!

  3. Cathy says:

    Matt, how many Popples can you create with the $4.99 version? Also, do the students needs to buy the app as well or can you invite them to share your Popple? Love the word sort idea.

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