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Practicing Adjectives with Popplet App

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We are learning about fish this week and we have been learning about adjectives the past few weeks so I combined the two into a literacy center for my class using the Popplet app. To start I added about fifteen different images of fish for them to choose from. I simply did this by searching fish in safari on the iPad and then saving my favorite to the camera roll. (saving an image on the iPad is simple, just hold your finger on top of any image until “save image” is displayed) They only need one fish image for the word web but I like to give them plenty of choices. After adding the image and the text “fish” to the center box they then thought of describing words to complete the word web. They are enjoying the activity!

Here is a document I made to help the kids remember the steps for creating the Popplet. Click the image or here to download the document. If you want to create your own I used the Skitch app to make the examples.


You can download Popplet here, the full version is $4.99 but the do have a free lite version for you to try out first.

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    I just love the posts you share! You’re such an inspiration.


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