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Regulating the YELLING


*Update: The look of the app has changed with the ios 7 update but the functions are the same. 

This summer I saw an iPad app called Too Loud that displays how many decibels in the environment. Since it was free I went ahead and downloaded it. What I didn’t want to do was use the app to control my class. I don’t mind noise when the kids are working and playing but we all know that THE YELLING needs to be managed. So what I decided to do was use it  as a way for the kids to self regulate their noise. We talked about how loud things can hurt our ears and heads and then I showed them the app. We played with it several times trying to make the number as big as possible and then as low as possible. We discussed how the bright green numbers made our room more comfortable than the orange and red ones. Then they went to stations and played. It was so much fun watching them learn how to manage noise using the app. When a kid would yell several kids would look at the projector to see the number and it was a signal to that child they were being too loud.I don’t plan to use this app every day but I think it is a great tool for my class as we learn to self regulate.

A key feature of the app is the ability to calibrate it. What this means is that once the kids start playing you can adjust what makes the numbers green or red. This is important as imagination tubs have a very different sound expectation than journal time in my room and I can adjust as needed for the different centers.


10 Responses to Regulating the YELLING

  1. Thanks for the app tip – just down loaded it. Love its self regulation potential.

  2. plind says:

    How do you attach your ipad to the smartboard? Special Connector or airplay/appleTV?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      I use a 30ft HDMI cable from the projector to my desk. I would prefer to use an Apple TV and connect without the wires but the apple tv won’t work on our network.

  3. Is this app just called too loud? Couldn’t find it. Thanks, Janalyn

  4. Kirk Brown says:

    I can only find this as an iphone app, not an ipad app. Is that corrrect?

  5. Kim says:

    Wonder if it would be good to use in the cafeteria? We have a projector and dongle –
    May have to try it!

  6. Elise says:

    Just enquiring for some more info on the cable you have used and how you get iPad screen on IWB?

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