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Safely Show YouTube with SafeShare

The video above shows how easy it is to convert a YouTube video to a video

SafeShare is a website that takes YouTube videos and gets rid of almost ALL of the advertisements and junk around the main video. Safeshare even removes the ads that are often showed before popular videos.  Using it is VERY simple and I really don’t know why I did not convert all my videos before now. All you do is copy the YouTube link and paste it into (see image below) Then you are given a new link to use instead of the YouTube link. Save that to your favorites and you are set.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos that have been converted to safeshare already. They are organized in Symbaloo mixes, when you click on one of the tiles it will take you to the video…

Just Dance Videos for Transition and Indoor Recess

Peep and Chirp Science Video for young kids

The Best Sesame Street Video for Kids

The Letter Songs

Songs for Transition and Movement

19 Responses to Safely Show YouTube with SafeShare

  1. This is a great site to use. Another site that will do the same thing is Save them both to your favorites in case one or the other is mysteriously blocked right when it’s time to use it!

  2. Jen says:

    I’ve got another option for you Matt. If you type `quiet’ at the beginning of the you tube address it will remove the ads too. This is an example using the online reading of `A bad case of stripes’.
    This works well if you need to show a you tube in class and don’t want any of the rubbish displayed around it. Only issue is that it does not supply an embed code (but you can share the link).
    Keep up the great work,

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Thank Jen, the issue with that option is it still shows the suggested videos at the end. I never know what is going to show up on those. Safeshare removes those also. Appreciate the suggestion, always nice to have options!

  3. When grabbing embed code, I uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”. Doesn’t that take care of that issue?

  4. Jackie says:

    Aloha Matt,

    When I tried to play the video you made re:Safe Share the sound didn’t work. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if the sound doesn’t work. Also the link you provide is typed ‘’ but it still worked when I clicked on it.

    Once a website is typed in Safe Share can it be saved for future use?

    I want to thank you for all you do and all your sharing!!


    • Matt Gomez says:

      Thanks Jackie, I fixed the typo. The sound should play when you convert to safeshare. I have not had that issue before.

      Yes you can save the safeshare link for future use.

    • Arturo Villegas says:

      I am having the same problems as Jackie… no sound (or extremely low sound in some cases) when playing videos on safeshare.

  5. Ernie says: violates YouTube’s terms of service – it’s only a matter of time before Google takes legal action.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      I’m not a lawyer but in the FAQ of Safeshare….

      Q: Is it legal to use SafeShare.TV ?
      A: Absolutely. SafeShare.TV only uses authorized YouTube developer tools and fully in compliance with YouTube TOS.

  6. Ernie says:

    Hi Matt,

    That makes two of us in the “non-lawyer” category! But let’s at least agree that SafeShare’s perspective on TOS compliance should be taken with a grain of salt. Please have a look at the TOS, specifically section 4.C. ( To me, YouTube is making it pretty clear that you can link to their content and you can embed THEIR player, but taking YouTube content and displaying by any other means is a no-no.

    From a more general perspective, I find it hard to believe that Google would be pleased with a service that circumvents it’s whole advertising revenue model. Come to think of it, I doubt the content providers are happy with having their monetization opportunity stripped from their videos as well.

  7. I’ve been working with Safeshare tonight-adding class-made videos to a Symbaloo. I was shocked to realize that all you have to do in Safeshare is click the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner when your video plays and BOOM. There you are back in YouTube! Arg! Going to look at viewpure.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Yes, my understanding is that is why Safeshare is legal. It is actually playing through YouTube. If you are trying to keep kids off YouTube it isn’t a real answer.

  8. Kelly Dyar says:

    Is there a way to auto play all of your Just Dance videos without clicking on each one? Our Kindergarten is hosting a Just Dance and while we can have an adult clicking it would be nice to have it cycle through the songs. :) This is a great resource, thanks!

  9. I tried to download the software for videos and was stopped due to not having administrative rights on my computer. Now I cannot link to ANY videos from powerpoint. In the process of trying to download this, do you take off certain things from my computer? Please let me know how to fix this.

  10. wesbyte says: is no-longer generating new safe links, I recommend as an excellent alternative, it has great features and awesome interface that works on all devices.

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