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Sesame Street Symbaloo Mix

This Symbaloo mix contains over 35 of the most popular Sesame Street videos from their YouTube page (based on views). Please let me know if you have any favorites I have missed and I will add them. If you have questions about Symbaloo I have posts about it here, here and here :)

Click here to view the Sesame Street videos 

side note: I felt bad that I had to remove the last mix of Reading Rainbow videos because the videos were removed from Youtube. Hope this makes up for it. I am confident these will stay up since they are from the actual sesame street page. Enjoy.

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  1. Adam says:

    Wow, these look great. Thanks for sharing. I’m very new to Symbaloo and look forward to seeing what we can do with it in our classroom. Glad I found you on Twitter, too.

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