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Sight Words and the iPad- FlashCard Maker App


Kids Flashcard Maker (4.99) is a great app for making sight word flashcards with audio, text, pictures and even video.  We have been using this app a lot lately and my class is really benefiting from the practice. When making the flashcards I decided to use actual pictures from my class and that seemed to really help the kids remember them as well as making them more interested in practicing. This first set I made for the class I recorded myself reading the words but for the next set I am going to let the kids each record one of the sentences. As you can see from the video (bottom of post) there is an image that is displayed with each word and when they touch the word the audio you have recorded for that image is played. I really like that the audio is not automatically started as it give my kids a chance try to read the word before hearing the answer. Setting up a set of flashcards is quite simple and it only took me about 10 minutes to produce a set of 31 sight word cards. More info on making the flashcards is below.

The image below shows the options in the settings. What I think makes this app worth the price is the ability to sync it via Dropbox. When you make one set of flashcards those can all be automatically synced with all the iPads in your room that also have the app loaded. You will also notice there are a few different font choice and you can have the set play automatically like a slide show.

image (1)

Another great feature of the app is the ability to have many different sets of cards. This can allow you to differentiate the words the kids are practicing. You could have a few leveled sets or even an individual set for each kid.


How to make a set of flashcards. When you start a new set of cards this is the screen you will see. It really is as simple as the four steps in the image below. Type the word, Add audio (not required), add an image(you can see there are several options for that) and if you like add video. Click save or save and add another and repeat.

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  1. Martha Thorburgh says:

    Wondering if there is a companion app for the students that plays the flash cards or if you purchase the $4.99 app for each student ipad.

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