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Silly Scarecrows

Fun way to showcase your student’s silly side. I used a simple outline of a person and printed it on card stock. The kids used a template (I just cut one of the outlines in half for the template) and cut out the shirt and pants on scrapbook paper with fun designs. We looked at some “real” scarecrows online and discussed how they often have on old clothing with patches. Some kids added patches and some didn’t. Then I took pictures of the kids making silly faces and cut them out for the scarecrow. I can’t share the outline I used because it is part of our curriculum but I did find some online -> Person Outline 1,  Person Outline 2,  Person Outline 3

I think they turned out great, sorry I can’s show faces but hopefully you get the idea.

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  1. Jeanne Anderson (@JeanneAnderson1) says:

    I love the way you had the kids trace and cut out the scrapbook paper (great for fine motor skills) and gave them a choice in the scrapbook paper. Adding their own silly faces was pure genius. I’m going to use this next year in early October for a non-scary but seasonal activity.

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