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Skitch 101 Video: Quick Intro to Basics of This App



*Update: Skitch released a new version of the app, that video has been added to this post also. 

Below is a 7 minute video on the basics of using the FREE app Skitch in the classroom. I have written about using skitch for lessons in my room HERE and HERE.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please add them to the comments of this post. Thanks for watching!

3 Responses to Skitch 101 Video: Quick Intro to Basics of This App

  1. Jeanne Anderson (@JeanneAnderson1) says:

    Thanks for such a clear, step-by-step video. I will share with the staff at my school and get my first graders Skitching!

  2. Staci says:

    Where do you recommend getting the pictures that you have in your camera roll? I am part of the tech support for our teachers , to help them learn and implement new tools on their ipads. This would be a great video to share, but I can foresee a number of questions. #1 being where can they get good pictures, can you easily share pictures (like if I found and created folders for pictures on my own computer, could I get those to each ipad? to save time and make it easier?
    #2 How do students “turn in their work”. does a teacher go check the camera roll, to see the students work, or is there a different option.
    Thanks so much for this great tutorial. I wish I oculd make all of it required reading.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Staci, I use google images most of the time as shown here

      For kids searching I would suggest using creative commons website to search for images. As far as sharing with multiple iPads this is a little more difficult. You could use the chirp or bump apps. If I had 1-1 iPads I might set up a flickr account or something similar for kids to have a place to pull images from.

      The kids submit their work via email. Each iPad has a gmail account set up specifically for outgoing mail. They kids (yes Kindergarten) can send me their finished product via email. Since my school email address is the only contact on their ipads all they do is start typing my name and the email pops up. They put their names as the title.

      Hope that helps

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