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Slideshow Quiz with PhotoPeach

I am blogging live from the “I Teach K Conference” in Vegas. I just saw a great tool that Dr Lori Elliott shared called PhotoPeach that allows you to easily create a quiz in a slideshow. I have used the program before but never knew about the quiz option.

Click here to see a real quick example I made.

Using PhotoPeach is similar to other slideshow programs. The pics below explain how to add the quiz options.

You add the quiz option AFTER finishing the slideshow. When viewing the completed project click edit at the top right

Next click “edit caption & photos”

Click the “quiz” button for EACH slide in the show you want to have the quiz . At the top you can toggle between the slides. Also, please notice the green arrow. Make sure to bubble in the correct answer for each slide.


What are some ways you can see to use this tool in the class?

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