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Sock Puppets

Once again the iPad proves to be a great way to promote creativity through storytelling apps. This week my class has been using the Sock Puppets app to make stories with a partner.

The app itself is free but there are a few “extras’ I purchased within the app to make it more useful for our purpose this week. The two that I purchased are allowing the video to be saved to the camera roll (99 cents) and extending the allowed video time from 30 to 90 seconds (99 cents). There are few other things you could buy but nothing necessary for my goal. The app also has a VIP purchase for $1.99 that gives you all he extras plus any future releases for one price.

The app has about 6 characters, a dozen backgrounds and around 18 “props” the students can choose when starting a story. Of course there are options to purchase more as mentioned above.

One of the neat features of the app is it changes the students voice to match the character they are using. This adds some extra fun for the kids but was also my biggest concern as some of the voices are hard to understand. I noticed that if the kids did not like the voice they would just change to a new character so it is an easy workaround if needed.

Overall the app worked great for the purpose, which was to allow kids to create and practice stories with a friend. The students were expected to come up with a plan, practice the plan two times and then record the video. I spent very little time helping in this center so I feel confident that most kids over 4yo would be able to navigate it.

As always I am more concerned with the process than the finished product. I was pleased to see my kids working on creating stories in a fun and engaging way. They had rich conversations with great vocabulary and dialogue as they played with the app.

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