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Sound Bingo

I can’t claim to have found this but I had to share. We are learning about the five senses and this is the best (and easiest) way I have found to practice our sense of hearing. This is the first time I have done it and it was fun! The bingo cards are done for you and you can download all the sounds to your computer with one click. If downloading is not an option at your school you can play each sound individually directly on the website. There are 32 different bingo cards and 42 sounds, plenty to keep your kids busy for a long time!

Download the Bingo cards HERE

Download all the sounds HERE

or find it all on the website yourself HERE 

3 Responses to Sound Bingo

  1. Kylie says:


    I have been wanting something like this for my classroom but was not prepared to pay the price tag some have put on it. Looking forward to using this :)


  2. Wailym says:

    Thank you Matt! I normally borrow a similar game from our public library, but so happy to have my own ready to use! And this has many more sounds! thanks for sharing

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