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Splice Slideshow Tool

Example video I made using Splice

Splice is a great free app for creating slideshows. There are a few features you can but but I have found the basics meet my needs. It may not have a million features but it has plenty and the simplicity is why I love using it. Here are several reason why I use the tool…

#1- I can add pictures and videos in the slideshow

#2- Ability to add multiple videos and pictures all at once (pictured below). Another great feature is it inputs the items you select in the exact order you “check” them making organization easy.

#3 I can edit each video within the app, just drag the blue circle icons pictured below. This is the best feature of them all! Another great option is the ability to zoom in the video. I have not seen that option in many other slideshow apps.

The editing options for video are pictured below (cut/trim video, change video speed, crop/zoom, duplicate or delete)

The editing options for pictures is below (crop, add filter, duplicate, delete)

#4 It is very simple to add a new slide, transition or title

#5 the finished project (video) is saved to the camera roll. I know some apps give you tons of options for uploading but I prefer the camera roll first. Then I can decide what to do with the video next (also makes it simple for kids)

I have not used this app with my class but plan to try it out this year.

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