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Sports and Action Photography Tips


I felt it was time to share my second passion with my readers. Did you know I am a photographer and even have my own sports and performance photography business. I have noticed on my social media channels that many educators are also big fans of photography so I thought I would share a few tips for sports photography. These first few tips are basic and have little to do with camera setting. (I will post more tips if the response to this post is well received)

The basics…

1- Get low! The lower the better in most cases, especially for kids. It gives a professional look to the images. I use a small chair most of the time but sitting down is even better.

2- Shoot Vertical! Most beginners always shoot horizontal. Vertical helps you isolate the action in most sports and keep the focus on the subject you are shooting. Practice switching from vertical to horizontal depending on the action.

3- Don’t be afraid of the sun! I feel most people think photography requires “front lighting” or the sun in the subjects face. I actually prefer back or side lighting (image above and first one below) If you are using auto setting the subjects face may be dark but that is only because you are letting the camera decide (meter) the image. Being able to use back lighting is a great reason to start playing with the camera settings.

4- Frames per second vs Timing! Most people think I am able to capture the action because my camera can shoot at 10 frames per second. This is rarely the case. I almost always shoot in two shot bursts and about 85% of the time the first image is the one I keep. Capturing action takes timing and practice. When you hold down the shutter and let it click away (spray and pray) you seldom get the exact moment you want. I suggest to work on timing instead of relying on holding down the shutter. You will get better with practice.

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4 Responses to Sports and Action Photography Tips

  1. karinryan says:

    Hi Matt, I’m a beginning want to be photographer. Any recs for a starter camera?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Matt!
    I have a NIKON D3000. I’m the team photographer for my son’s team. I enjoy shooting youth sports since my son has been playing most sports since he was 4, he’s now 9.
    I’m in need of tips on shooting games at night at baseball fields. I can never get the lighting right. Any tips?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Lisa, taking pictures for night games would even be beyond my capability with the equipment I have. There just isn’t enough light to get quality images of action shots at most youth sports fields. Set your ISO as high as it can go and your aperture as large as possible (smaller number.) With that you might be able to get some pictures as long as the subject isn’t moving too much. Otherwise you will need a lens that has a fast aperture, probably f 2.0 or faster. Hope that helps!

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