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Storytelling: Minus the Writing

Click image to see a sample video

Last year at NAEYC I listened to an amazing presentation by Vivian Paley as she discussed the importance of allowing kids to tell stories. One problem I have struggled with in my class is providing opportunities for kids to tell stories without letting their writing ability hold them back. One idea I came up with is using the iPad apps Felt Board and Educreations. I have posted about Felt Board before (HERE) but one feature it lacks is the ability to record audio. Enter the free app Educreations.

First I have the kids create a scene using Felt Board. This can be done individually or kids can collaborate together. Once they are done they simply press the camera icon on Felt Board and the image is saved to the camera roll.

Next the kids open Educreations and press the camera icon (mountain scene icon in image above) Once the camera roll is open they simply find their creation and select it. The image will be imported into Educreations and can be resize easily by pinching in or out on the iPad.

Last they press the record button and dictate their story. The story can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter or you can send a link.

Sample Video with Felt Board and Educreations

6 Responses to Storytelling: Minus the Writing

  1. carole says:

    I think I know that cute little voice :) Love the idea…just need to get myself an IPad!!

  2. When kids draw, write down the stories they tell about their drawings. They love it, and then it can be shared with classmates and parents. Drawing details inspire verbal details. And I like your idea too! I’ll have to check out Feltboard and Educreations.

  3. Anne Jenks says:

    This is great! I’m going to use it with my kindergarten and first grade students. I will be a guest teacher in their classrooms.

  4. Marisa Kenney says:

    Love the idea especially since I teach art and computers. Educreations will allow me to create art with the students and record their story to go along with their art.

  5. Kelly says:

    Just came across this and love your ideas so much that I immediately downloaded a felt app and the Educreations app. Minutes later, my five-year-old was creating his first story! Thanks you!! Your blog is fantastic!

    – Kelly

  6. I just found your blog etc.. and I love the directions for using Feltboard and Educreations. I have added your blog to the list of “must read” blogs that I plan to share with k-5 teachers at next week’s iPad PD. I have also added you to my @Flipboard app.

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