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Symbaloo – Visual Bookmarking for my class

Symbaloo has been a major addition to my class this year. It has allowed me organize all the links the class uses on their computers in the easiest way possible. As you can see from the picture above the links are shown with little squares called tiles. Each group of tiles is called a webmix and you can have many different mixes. The mix above is called eBooks and has over 50 different books for the kids to read. If you struggle to organize links or have now way of changing all the links on every computer easily I suggest looking into this great tool. Here are the main reason I find it so useful.. (Link to post about how I manage Symbaloo )

– Visual – the kids see images instead of words for the links. In Kindergarten this is very valuable

– The tile image can be changed to ANY image, making it easy to find images that closely match the link/game/site when creating the tile

Multiple users can log into a single account. Our entire Kindergarten (35 computers) uses the same account all at once without any issues.

When I make changes to the account ALL the kids computers are changed as well. POWERFUL!

– The account can have many “tabs” We use the tabs for each area of the curriculum

Borrowing :)  MANY people have already made mixes and tiles. You can search for them and use what is already made

– Organizing: I am keeping all the mixes organized by unit so next year I won’t have to create as much (see how I mange link for more on this)


Please share other ideas or thoughts on Symbaloo in the comments.


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