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Technology in the Classroom, What is the Focus?


This is a repost from last year. I think this is a good time to share again as many prepare for the start of school (or for those just beginning) 

In college I remember learning about how important it was to always mention the child first when discussing special needs. They are children first so it was important to say a “child with autism” rather than an “autistic child”. I had never thought of the importance of that before discussing it in class but that really hit home with me and I have always tried to make sure not only mentioned the child first but made sure to recognize the child before the disability.

That lesson came to mind this week when I was asked about technology goals. Someone mentioned to me their goal was to use more technology in the room and asked what I suggested. This teacher is doing great things in the class and we chatted about ideas to increase the technology in her room. After the discussion I began to wonder how often teachers have that goal: “Use more technology in the room.” This thought concerns me because much like the child with a disability we should always be thinking of the learning first when discussing technology. I love technology and strive to incorporate it in my classroom daily but my goals are never about the technology themselves. When I see a new tool I don’t try to incorporate it simply because it is new and cool. It is important that I see an opportunity to encourage, foster or enhance learning with that tool. So I came up with the top reasons I use technology in the class.

Click each one for an example:

 Helps my students connect with the outside world

– Helps us document learning

 Allows us to do or see things we couldn’t without the tool

– Encourages creativity

– Provides novelty to a learning goal (especially for struggling kids)

– Gives my students a voice in their learning

  Allows my students to create stories without letting writing ability slow them down

– Encourages parent engagement or helps connect home/school

– Makes learning meaningful

 Provides constant feedback for the kids (virtual teacher)

– Helps me manage things

What would you add to this list? Have other examples, please post a link in the comments!

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