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Technology Ideas for the First Day of School: Video Walk and More


I am passionate about integrating tech into the classroom and feel that should start day one. Here are my goals for the first day…

– Show parents/kids that tech will be a big part of our learning

– Allow kids to be part of the tech process.

– Show the kids that it is their learning and tech gives them a voice

– Begin to build the home/school connection by giving parents a “window” into our day

These are the three things I plan to do on the first day…

#1- First day of Kindergarten picture (seen above.) I did this last year and the parents loved it! The key part is getting the image to the parents during the first day. Pictures are priceless and I think it set the tone for our year. Parents knew I cared about sharing our day and learning as well as understood I plan to use tech daily. I got all their emails during open house and told them to expect a fun picture the first day.

#2- Video walk: We will take a walk to meet some of the important people in our school (librarian, principal, custodian, nurse, office manager) and ask them about their most important job in the school.  The kids will help ask the question and take the video. Then that video will be our first post on our classroom blog. This will give them something to talk about with their parents and show that the blog will be as pace to share their learning. I use the iMovie app to take all the videos and combine them into one video.  Sample video at the bottom of this post.

#3- Pictures, pictures, pictures: My class has access to a digital camera every day (see here) and that will start day one. I will take the pictures taken by the class along with the ones I take of the first day and share those on our classroom blog. It is a quick and easy way to share our day with parents. Don’t have a blog or not allowed to blog. I wasn’t either until last year so I emailed all the pictures to my parents each day. I know that sounds crazy but it was fast and simple with Microsoft word. Check out this image to see the quick way to do this, the only difference is you would save the file as a PDF instead of printing it. Then email the file to parents. It would take me about 5 minutes at the end of each day.

How do you plan to integrate tech the first day?

22 Responses to Technology Ideas for the First Day of School: Video Walk and More

  1. Sharon says:

    On the first day I plan on doing your #1 then posting it to my blog – they only stay for one hour, so that’s all I might have time for! Great idea – thanks for sharing it. Taking a video walk is a great idea – I’ll save it for day two!

  2. April says:

    I plan on integrating technology into my classroom on the first day by allowing the Voki, I created in a tech workshop, to welcome students to my Kindergarten classroom; and letting them know that she will be assisting me within the classroom regarding read alouds and other things. I want to show a PPT about myself and help my students create a Wordle as an All About Me project they can keep and share with their parents. I plan on taking First Day of School pictures of the students in safari animal masks and this will lead to our first writing assignment.

  3. @8amber8 says:

    This is so fabulous! The best part is that is that you are planning…you are going to BE intentional. I’m a firm believer in being intentional, :) and in a cute theme. IJS.


  4. bigfoot62 says:

    Thank u for the ideas. I am really gg to think about how to integrate technology on the first day. Angela

  5. Roxanne says:

    Great ideas!! I’m planning a video walk too! I made a popplet about our school nurse and used the pic for a thinglink. I included short videos about various nursing duties. I also made a book trailer (mostly my daughter made the trailer) about Nurse Nancy and linked it too. I plan to have students interview the nurse and have them link it as well. Hope it all works out!! I would give the link for the book trailer here but I don’t know how…

  6. Michelle Q says:

    This is awesome! I would like to utilize more tech in our day too.
    I always take photos and then email Picasa Collages each Friday with my newsletter. We are required to make large scrapbooks for each child at the end of the year and I print out many of the collages and glue them in the scrapbooks along with the kids books or art. Parent’s love the photos for a glimpse into our world.
    Thanks for all your tech help – I’m really enjoying your blog!

    Michelle @togolightly

  7. Karen McPherson says:

    Love the video walk idea. So many ways for kids to use this. At our preschool the kids often explore the school looking for examples of things they are learning, shapes, words, colors numbers etc.

  8. vicky m bright says:

    So what did you use to take the videos with? iPad?

  9. Beth Carter says:

    Matt, do you have actual IPads or the district androids?

  10. These are great ideas! Love how technology is being integrated more and more into the school system. It can really help children out, especially those with special needs. Our company is creating an app for children with autism to use in the school system to help them communicate and learn.

  11. Grace says:

    Tell me again what blog site you use. I have had a web site for the past couple years and this year my school is going to us Schoolology – but I am not sure if that is similar to a blog site or not. I would love to go ahead and set up and account with one. Is the one you use …FREE???
    Many thanks! Grace in G’ville, SC

  12. Kriscia says:

    Love this idea Matt! I plan to incorporate this with my 4th and 5th graders.

  13. tamatrotti says:

    Hey Matt, how did your first day video go? We are about to start school next week here in Paris, and I have been planning to do this with my first graders – is IMovie the best platform for this??Did you walk around with all 20?? children to interview?Did you teach them how to use the imovie and the students helped create?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Tama, we didn’t get the first day video done. I was able to complete the other two goals but not that one. I found it difficult to coordinate with all the people we wanted to visit due to the craziness of the first day. We will get it don’t this week for sure (second week) I don’t plan to have the kids involved creating the final product. I will just take all the video clips and merge them myself in iMovie. I don’t see anything wrong with letting them be a part of the process I just don’t see a need for that this early in the year. Let me know how it goes for you!

  14. Dana Hilmoe says:

    Blogger? I didn’t get a hit on blogspot. I used Kidblog last year. It was just okay. Parents enjoyed the blog, but I really had trouble helping the kids post with only a few ipads and limited keyboard skills. How do you get around these issues. I used the ipads during my small group time, but I’m still only one person. It took all week for everyone to have a turn, but it was very painful. Do you give seminars. You have such great stuff. I would love to have a workshop with you!!!

  15. Susana Marks says:

    My school provides iPods for all the students. We are so lucky! In my fourth grade class I like to have the students interview each other on the iPods. I have a set of questions ready, and the kids love getting to know each other. I also do a first day of school picture. When they are student of the month I already have a picture of each student ready to go. :)

    Thanks for the ideas,
    Susana Marks

  16. Lisa Schneider says:

    Our school used Shutterfly last school year. I LOVE it! I was able to post daily on to my parents in my classroom and they were able to see what we did daily. It was so easy to upload photographs from my Iphone.

  17. wfutch says:

    Great ideas! I use Dropbox for an online portfolio. Parents who download the Dropbox software or phone app can see their child’s picture instantly when I upload pics with my phone.

  18. Sandy Lucas says:

    I am working on a website for my tech classroom and my physical education classroom. Still trying to find one that will work for me. I love your website. What do you use for your website?

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