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Tell About This App 101 Video

Tell About This- mattBgomez

The latest App 101 video covers the basics of using Tell About This. If you want to see a list of all my App 101 videos click here.


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  1. Matt, this is a really great overview and I loved the examples you showed from your own class! One additional screen teachers might be interested in is the Settings, where they can customize the experience even further– for example turning off “One Tap Record” so that students have the option to play back and re-record their responses if desired.

    Thanks for all you do and please know we love to hear feedback from teachers as we continue to make the apps the best they can be.

  2. Ashley Page says:

    Is there a way to sync custom prompts and profiles across all devices in this app?

  3. I was wondering the same question as above, is there any way to sync a custom prompt across all devices with this app? thank you!

  4. Kathleen & Ashley,

    Currently, the app is self-contained on the device and there is no embedded way to share prompts across devices. It’s actually our most requested feature and part of the reason we have recently launched The Write About web platform takes the concept of the Write About This and Tell About This apps to the next level with publishing options to give students an audience, feedback methods for teachers, and HUNDREDS more writing/response Ideas (plus the ability to share those out to your class group). It’s free to register and get your students started.

    Hope that helps!

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