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Top 10 pics of 2010

Great idea I never thought of until Tony Baldasaro (@baldy7) posted the start of his top 10 here –  Taking his great idea and doing the same….  

I take a lot of pictures each year…over 100,000 actually. Most of these are for my youth sports/performance business. However, I do end up with quite a few of my kids and for fun. I love talking about photography so please comment and ask questions. As with everything, I am still learning… 

 Picture #10  


 Canon Mark III with 85mm 1.2 ( f/2.8, 1/250, ISO 400, Manual) 

I have lived in Tx my entire life. One thing I never got see as a kid was real snow in Dallas. Yes we had a few dustings during my first 32 years and I even built a snowman a few times (using snow from entire yard and having tons of grass and dirt included) but never anything special. We were all more than excited when over a foot of snow came to Dallas this past winter. Having a real snow day was a dream come true for me as a big kid and a father. So, my first picture is my three boys making a real snowman in Dallas, TX. 

 Picture #9 



Canon Mark III – 85 1.2  ( f/1.2, 1/1250, ISO 400, Manual)

Nothing is more special to a parent than capturing their child’s real smile. Add in good light, nice colors and decent background and you get a special picture for Dad. Nothing much more to this picture than me having my camera in the backyard. 

    Picture #8


 Canon Mark III- 400mm plus 1.4 teleconverter = 560mm ( f/4, 1/4000, ISO 400, Manual) 

 My middle son had been asking since he was three when he could play football. We found a week long summer agility camp that allowed kids his age to attend and he was finally going to get to play. He was so excited and I feel this picture shows how serious and intense he was at his first ever football practice. He later joined a real team and will make another appearance in my top 10 from his first game images. 

 Picture #7 


 Canon Mark III, 17-40 lens at 32mm  ( f/4, 1/400, ISO 800, Manual)

 We have always been supporters and frequent visitors of the Dallas Zoo. This year they added a great new exhibit called “The Giants of the Savannah.” Part of the exhibit includes feeding the giraffe area. We were there early and had the place to ourselves and I was able to get some great pictures of all three of my boys feeding and interacting with this beautiful creature. It was hard to pick the best from all the pictures but I feel this one shows a sense of wonder from both my son and the giraffe.

 Picture #6 


 Canon Mark III, 24-105 lens at 105mm  ( f/4, 1/3200, ISO 400, Manual) 

 This summer we took an amazing vacation to Disney World. Part of the vacation was stopping at Destin on the way there and Pensacola on the way back. There are so many pictures that could make the top to from this trip but for me there was one part that was extra special. By complete luck the Blue Angels were schedule to perform on Pensacola beach the day we had scheduled to be there. I have always been a huge fan and often went with my dad to air shows growing up. The show was amazing! Our hotel was the center of it all and we had front row seats! Hope to make it back again one day… 

 Picture #5 


 Canon Mark III, 400mm 2.8 ( f/2.8, 1/2500, ISO 400, Manual)

 As noted earlier Bram (green jersey) makes another splash in the top 10 with his first career carry. Proud moment for Dad when he decides to run over the defender instead of out of bounds or reversing field (running backwards happens quite often at this age) The defender on the left adds to the scene with his great facial expression. I almost always try to use backlight when covering youth sports. It is all about the faces at this level and I can avoid harsh shadows around the eyes that way.

 Picture #4 


  Canon Mark III, 24-105  at 55mm ( f/4, 1/500, ISO 400, Manual)

 This picture reminds me of the summer. We spent quite a few days this summer borrowing my Dads boat and the smiles pictured happened often on the boat. The smell of the lake and excitement of running wide open across the water on those hot days is a wonderful memory. Most days we would just drive around (with my oldest learning how to drive at times) the lake until we found a perfect cove for swimming and anchor. Fishing, tubing and exploring were all included as well but swimming is always the main attraction! Almost makes me wish for those crazy hot days to hurry up and return.

Picture #3  


Canon Mark IV, 400 2.8 ( f/2.8, 1/1250, ISO 1600, Manual)

One of my highlights this year as a photographer was getting to cover my beloved Aggies. As a graduate and fanatic of the school it was a dream come true… and to add to the excitement it was a nationally broadcast Thursday night game on ESPN. I took many pictures I am proud of that night but this picture is one of my favorites. I feel a good sports photo leaves the viewer to wonder about the outcome which should be spelled out in the story or caption. In this photo the Aggies #7 did sack the quarterback and cause a fumble recovered by Texas A&M.

 Picture #2  


Canon Mark III, 85 1.2 ( f/1.4,1/1250, ISO 100, Av mode)

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. When I first found the yellow flower I immediately thought of my wife @CristiGomez because of her love of flowers and the color yellow. As I framed the image I began to think how this picture is a great representation of her as well. Obviously she is beautiful, but more than that she is special….just like the yellow flower she stands out in the crowd in a simple and elegant way. I am so lucky to have married such a smart, beautiful and funny person. I am also proud she asked to have this image printed on a large canvas to hang in her office. 

Picture #1



This picture was taken during the summer while at Church Camp in Bridgeport Texas. I went as a volunteer to help with our 3-5th grade group (which included my oldest son). To be completely honest I was doing it for my son and expected little gain for myself in the trip (sad I know).  Turns out it was an amazing camp and the boys we had in our cabin were a lot of fun. They kept us on our toes but overall it was all good times! It was my first  chance to spend quality time with another parent and member from my church @MikeyAmes. Getting to know him has turned out to be the highlight of the trip. Mike has become a good friend the past few months and an important part of my venture into social media. Cant wait until we break out our multi-tools at the next camp.

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  1. Marcia Snider says:

    AHHHH……love this

  2. Amber Gomez says:

    These are wonderful pictures and such thoughtful reflections! I want a copy of every single one of them. You are so talented. :)

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