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Top 14 Nature Pictures of 2014

If you didn’t already know one of my main hobbies is photography. I am especially interested in nature and wildlife photography and thought I would share some of my favorites from this past year. If you enjoy photography I would love for you to follow my photography Facebook Page and Instagram account. I you are interested in photography please share your site, page or Instagram so I can follow!

I am including the settings or “EXIF” for each image in the caption. Comments and critique are welcome!

zoo 7_18-104

420mm    f/4    1/640    ISO 3200



300mm   f/2.8    1/640    IS0 250


FR 7_26-139

300mm f/2.8 1/640 ISO 400



400mm f/2.8 1/6400 ISO 400



195mm f/2.8 1/5000 ISO 800


FR 7_26-175

300mm f/2.8 1/5000 ISO 400


Zoo 8_4-141

420mm f/4 1/1000 ISO 1000


FR 7_26-127

300mm f/2.8 1/2000 ISO 400



115mm f/2.8 1/5000 ISO 800


zoo 7_18-131

420mm f/4 1/800 ISO 1000


DZ 11_22-110

400mm f/2.8 1/640 ISO 3200


FR 7_26-189

300mm f/2.8 1/2000 ISO 400


FR 7_26-200

300mm f/2.8 1/3200 ISO 400



300mm f/2.8 1/1600 ISO 250

12 Responses to Top 14 Nature Pictures of 2014

  1. Bea says:

    Amazing pics! I love photography, but I am an amateur at best!

  2. Becky Magnuson says:

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  3. Kathy Althoff says:

    Your wild life photos are amazing! Animals make such interesting subjects!

  4. Michelle says:

    These are great! Not a photographer, but love photography! The Zebra pic is my favorite! Do you have any Cardinal birds?

  5. Justin Tarte says:

    These are great Matt! Well done Sir!

  6. faige says:

    Love the fawn. Can you share where you’ve taken the photos?

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