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Using the Calendar Like a Calendar


Last year I wrote about changing the focus of calendar time. The goal was to have the kids actually using the calendar. You can read about that change here.

Using the year-round calendar was a major success in my room. The kids used it daily and we referenced it often. It was common to see a kid counting how many days until the next big event, using the calendar to discuss past events and referencing the calendar in their journal writing. Since they had access to the entire year of dates they were able to use the calendar like adults us it, which is my goal.

If you want to give it a try I have the 2014-2015 file available for download below. As you can see in the picture above I simply cut sticky notes in strips and used those strips to add dates to the calendar on the side. The main reason for not writing directly on the calendar is so the words can be written larger and seen easier.

These calendars go from Aug 2014- July 2015. I display that as one full year.

2014-2015 Word Document

2014-2015 PDF Document



10 Responses to Using the Calendar Like a Calendar

  1. Katrina says:

    Thank you! I was setting up my classroom today and trying to decide why I still wanted a calendar in the room -this is WHY -humans use them all the time -I want the children to have a real and meaningful use for everything in our room.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Emily R. says:


  3. Robin says:

    Where in the world do you put it? I’m running out of wall space as it is! Can’t imagine a place for 10 monthly pages.

  4. I love this idea! I did this last year and loved it. It made learning about calendar more personalized to us in the class.

  5. Theresa B. Gomez says:

    Brilliant, Matt! I’m doing this with my First Graders this year–they will see and use the ‘big picture’ concept of the calendar. Thanks so much! I want to be you (well, a female version) when I grow up!

  6. T Kellerman says:

    Will you be posting Jan-May 2015?

  7. T Kellerman says:

    Never mind….Found it. Sorry

  8. melnm3 says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had read about someone doing this last year when I was teaching preschool, but never tried it myself. Now that I am teaching kindergarten, you have convinced me I need to try it. It looks like, in your pictures, that you still have the standard school calendar up too. Do you use both? I was thinking about taking that one down completely in my room and substituting the “real” calendar for the month we are on now, and rotating, while also displaying the rest of the months below, as you have done.

    Btw, I am getting so many valuable ideas from your website. Thank you for sharing all of your work! I spent most of my afternoon yesterday reading and bookmarking. I have an iPad and smart board in my room this year and I am so excited to implement your ideas!

  9. joe teft says:

    This would be interesting if you used your iCal or Google Calendar too and post it on your class blog. This way kids and parents could be using the calendar the same way.

    Thanks for this.

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