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Venn Diagram Practice with Felt Board App

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Easy and fun way to practice creating Venn Diagrams with young kids using Felt Board. I print the example at the bottom of this post and the kids use that to help write the words.

Center Example


8 Responses to Venn Diagram Practice with Felt Board App

  1. Nice! I really like this app. I finally got 10 minis for my classroom. Can’t wait try this out!

  2. Dawn H says:

    Thank you for explaining this app with attached screencasting. I am trying it tomorrow in my class.

  3. Amber Garbe says:

    Congratulations on using technology in a non-rote way! I really appreciate how you use technology in your class.

  4. Sanders says:

    I looked up felt board in the App Store with no luck. Any other info I can use to find it?

  5. Lisa Jacobs says:

    Thanks Matt! I had to update mine to have the Venn diagram. I also got it ready for the kids by clicking on the group button. i was able to get 20 diagrams set. i hope it will transfer to my other I pads. We will see tomorrow. I have it set with the kids number. They have to sort letters by curves and lines.

  6. sibcherry says:

    Great Idea Matt! I was just about to introduce a Venn diagram on transportation tomorrow! Sadly there are no transportation pictures on felt board. Either way- I haven’t been using this app in a while and did not realize that after the updates they added the venn diagram feature- many thanks!

  7. Aimee says:

    Thank you for sharing-I am going to look for the app today during planning! One suggestion-I would use the blue portion for water instead of land-that’s just me but would serve as a visual for some children!
    Thanks again!

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