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This Week I presented at “I Teach K” in Vegas about Virtual Field Trips and wanted to share some of the resources from my presentations.

The first resource is a Pinterest board! On this board I have pinned all the different sites I mentioned in my presentation plus many more. You will even find several links to lists of virtual field trips that I had seen posted elsewhere.

Next up is Safeshare. I KNOW many teachers can’t use YouTube but Safeshare allows you to play YouTube videos without advertisements or suggested videos. Watch this sample video to see how clean it is for kids and hopefully this will be a tool you can show to the tech decision makers in your district about how safe YouTube can be. If you need more info on how to use Safeshare look here. YouTube is filled with amazing videos for kids and is a wonderful resource for Virtual Field Trips.

Last I wanted to share about Google Earth. My whole session could have been about this one tool. I posted some videos on YouTube outlining my favorite features to use with young kids and you can see them below…

The Daylight Tool: This simple tool allows you to see what parts of the earth have daylight and what parts do not. As we travel the world we like to know if it is daytime or nighttime in those places. A great way for kids to start to grasp the concepts of time zone, yes even in Kindergarten.

The Measure Tool: In this video I show how easy it is to display or hide all the different features in Google Earth such as weather, roads, pictures, etc. Then I search for the Venetian Las Vegas and we zoom into that location. I use the measure tool to find out the distance between the Venetian and the Bellagio using the tool. You will also see I set location pins for the two points of interest. We always use the measure tool when visiting places to see how far they are from our school. By doing this every time the kids begin to get a sense of distance and the size of the earth.

The Path Tool: Creating a path is fun and easy.

Sample Path Video: We often do this before a virtual field trip to give the kids a sense they are traveling to the location. You can even set up chairs in rows like a plane before traveling. The first time I use this tool I always make a path to a location the kids know about so they can connect that theses are real places we are traveling to. Making the abstract to concrete connection is an important part of the virtual field trip process.

Past Path Video: One cool feature of the path tool is after creating one you can “go back in history” and watch the same path. Most locations go back to 1995 which isn’t a long time ago but still offers some cool learning opportunities. Here is the same path video as above except watched from a few years prior. You will notice the school is gone along with most of the houses and the football stadium. Fun for the kids to see how things have changed!

Google Moon, Mars and Sky: Check out the image below, did you know Google Earth had other options? My class loves Google Moon!


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