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Weebly: Simple and Free Way To Create A Class Website

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Quick intro to setting up a FREE Weebly site in the video below. Please note the last step which I failed to mention is pressing the orange publish button on the top right

For my Master’s course we were required to work with tools that could be used to create and e-portfolio. I picked Weebly mainly because it was a tool that I had not worked with before. I have used Google Sites, Wiki’s, Blogs and other tools in the past but Weebly was something I never got around to trying. The main benefit of Weebly is the simplicity of the process in creating a website or blog. The interface uses simple drag and drop functions that are laid out nicely and the process is fairly intuitive. Teachers that are looking for a way to have an online presence for their classroom (class website or blog) should give this tool a try.

The site allows for a lot more customization than other options which is an important feature for giving the creator ownership of their design. The other tools I mentioned before allow for customization but none of them do it is a simple way like Weebly. Of course Weebly is not as powerful a tool as WordPress as far as customization but WordPress is also not as user-friendly. Weebly is a great tool to use to introduce students to e-portfolios and to begin the process of creating one. The site has options to upload all the standard media a student might use in their portfolio such as video, audio, documents, pictures and text. For students new to the process Weebly is the perfect tool to start with but I think it is important that we give students autonomy in choosing the tool they want to use. My main concern would be the ease in exporting the content from Weebly. Technology and the tools available are changing fast and the ability to move seamlessly from one tool another is an important feature. Another aspect of Weebly that is a benefit is it shows the process of creating a website in a visual way. Of course creating a website requires a much deeper understanding but Weebly does begin that process of showing how websites are created. My hope would be that some students would take that basic knowledge and look for other options as they want to customize and add features. Weebly seems to be a good “gateway” into creating and designing online spaces.

The website created in the video can be found here if you want to see the product

7 Responses to Weebly: Simple and Free Way To Create A Class Website

  1. gerancherc says:

    I used Weebly back when it first hit the web. It has come a long way since then. The themes they have to choose from now are beautiful. I just helped a friend use it last night to create a site for her son’s cub scout pack.

  2. Karen Balbier says:

    Matt, what is your favorite website creator? I’ve used Weebly, Wix, and Google. The more I hear everyone mention WordPress, the more I want to try it out.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Karen, I love WordPress but there is a learning curve. If you have used the others I think you could handle WordPress without too much trouble. It also depends on the purpose of your site.

  3. carmen says:

    Matt thank you for the video!, it was very helpful…i will try to see if I use it. The one I have right now its friendly user but you eventually have to pay a monthly fee.

  4. Hi Matt,

    I took a course this summer to create my own website and I was introduced to Weebly. I love it and I’m not the most talented when it comes to technology. I’m very proud of my site and it’s thanks to Weebly and my instructor. Check it out …

  5. Philip19 says:

    Weebly is great, I’ve tried it before but personally, I like I’ve created several websites and has so far given me everything that I needed. It’s got a lot of features that allow you to make a powerful website. Also, it’s really easy to use so the learning curve is really low. You should definitely try out. :)

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