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“Who you going to call?”

Last week I participated in my first #cpchat. Many great topics were discussed about connecting or engaging parents, but one thought has been on my mind all week. Should parents have access to my cell number? In my district we have been told that parents should always call our school number and never to give out our personal info. When a parent needs me they are to email my school account or leave a message. When parents call I am almost never available. I am not at school when they are looking through their child’s folder or discussing the day with their child. When they really need me, am I accessible? I want to be.

My goal this year is to develop a strong relationship and engage my parents. I discussed handing out my cell number to parents with some of the staff at my school and every answer was the same: “Why would you do that? – followed by some kind of fear of handing out personal info. Well I have decided I am not afraid. I do want to be on call when a parent “needs” me. I do want to trust my parents. I am in the process of composing a letter to my parents so they will know I am available. I am going to encourage them to contact me as necessary. If a parent starts to abuse this, I am prepared to discuss with them what my intentions in giving out my home number are for…and not for. I am thinking of encouraging text messages for quick questions and calls for more important ones. One of the great things about a cell phone is the ability to ignore when needed, to know who is calling and to listen to messages easily. 

Do you give out your cell numer to parents?  Why or why not?

3 Responses to “Who you going to call?”

  1. Diane says:

    I do give my cell number out. Like you said… I rarely available when they call the school. I want parents to know we are on the same team. If we are to be a team working for the education of their child, communication is a priority.

  2. Diane says:

    *That was supposed to read… “I am rarely available…” :)

  3. Clara grammer says:

    I Have given my cell and home numbers out for 17 years. I send a note stapled in students agenda on the first day of school explaining when and when not to call each of the numbers. ( my husband generally works evenings and is able to sleep in some mornings, so I ask that parents not call the home number in the mornings.)
    This has NEVER been abused by my parents or students. I also let my kids know that if they ever need an adult that they may call me.
    Just for the record, I do not have ” parent- teacher” relationship problems that I witness often with many of my ” inaccessible ” colleagues.

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