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Wondering About Islands


It has been a while since I posted about one of my favorite websites, Wonderopolis (read more about it here)  Today, we visited Wonderopolis as part of our morning routine and the wonder of the day was “Who Lives On Easter Island.” The wonder included a beautiful time-lapse video of the island that the kids asked to watch several times. Then, like every time we visit, I asked the class “what do you wonder?” We talked about the definition of an island and then a one kid asked “how do you make islands”. We already had some background knowledge about islands thanks to the book our twitter friends from Japan sent us earlier this year, (read about that connection here) but we had not discussed how islands are formed. So I showed the class with a real simple drawing how some islands are formed from volcanoes (pictured above). The class wanted to share this picture with their twitter friends and parents so we decided to label it with the Skitch app before posting it to the blog. The kids were so excited as we discussed magma, lava, and erupting. They even asked if there was a video of an island being made so I found one to show later in the day (see below) This is why I love wonderopolis, even thought the wonder itself didn’t fit exactly with our learning standards it still was valuable because the kids were interested. I find these teaching tangents happen often when we visit the site and I love the learning journey it leads to.

Video: Lava Enters the Pacific Ocean in HawaiiI use safeshare to show YouTube videos without all the ads and similar videos. More info here 

Here is one of the pages from the book our friends from Japan sent.

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 9.44.43 AM

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